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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
14 October 2007 @ 11:23 pm
So, I feel obliged to tell you all about my pretty eventful weekend.

Friday nite ashley and I pretty much sat around having a beer or two and watchin' Harry Potter... because we're cool like that. Scotty txts me and asks whats we're doing. SO instead of texting (which on my phone takes forever and a day) I call him but no -- he doesnt answer. Ash and I sat there and ranked on him the rest of the night. XD

Then the next afternoon I wake up and Scott texts me again. I seriously ignore the text for 30 minutes until I get another text from him. So, I read it. His friends somehow got free tickets to see Korn in Birmingham, AL (an hour and a half or so away from starkville). Apparently there was an extra ticket ! They wanted to know if I was up for going. So I stopped being mad at him and answered in two words "hell yeah!"

Well what they had not told me is that Joe, Scott, Brad, and this french exchange girl Gwen were all our drinking at the MSU VS TENN tailgate. Grrr. So we're going 82 down hwy 82 (isnt that awesome) and bam, a cop rears his sirens and we pull over. Its alright though, Scott is an "everything in moderation" type fellow so he didnt get a DUI his BAL was only 0.3 ... but still... DUDE. GAH. Whatever. enuff said.

So the cop comes over to the window and asks if anyone in the car had a license and had not drank that evening. I was suprised to see that my hand was the only one that went up. SO yippie I was the one that got to drive the rest of the way to Birmingham. But thats aiight... I guess scottys getting a ticket and we were about an hour late at that point.

Then! we finally get to Birmingham and no one knows where the Verizon wireless music center is... gah. So I call 411 and they give me crappy directions... but we make it there ok. YAY KORN! ...An hour and a half late...

But guess what! ^_^ Korn still haddnt started yet. Yay for concert delays. Anywho, we ended up catching the last part of hellyeah and the whole set of Korn (which aside from evolution I know not a single song...) but its fun to headbang! And god do I love rock concert people. Theyre so freaky ^_^.

Well it was an awesome concert cept for the whole freezing my ass off because I was wearing a tank top and shorts, and aside from the occasional "GOD YOU MUST BE FREEZING!" thankyou captain obvious it was a great concert. After the concert we stopped at mcdonalds for a 30 minute wait in line...

but damn its better than spending 50 dollars on a hamburger at the Korn concert. Jebus!

Kay, im done. In a nut shell, that was my whole weekend aside from waking up today (sunday) and going to Ruby Tuesday with ash and then workin out at the gym. Hope ya'll had an equally eventfull weekend as well!

PS. CONGRATS LINDA AND LEELAND! I'd better damn well be the maid of honor.... *shakes fist*
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
07 October 2007 @ 12:49 pm
Ok, now that im officially over the whole John fiasco (see below post) I feel like I can go out and socialize again. So, I've started slowly with one of my friends, Ashley.

We've collectively decided that this spring break will be the "break of destiny!" XD. Awesome right? Hope jack black doesnt sue for copyright...

Anyway what I mean by break of destiny is, she has been single for quite a while because shes crushing on a guy from back home who moved to NYC. So we are going to visit him and his roomie this spring break. Its going to be operation giggity giggity! XD hah, nah. We're seriously just going up to visit and go to plays... but hey I'd be excited if I was going to go visit my crush!

So we're thinking of seeing Avenue Q or Spamalot... I know neither of them are too refined, but when we get together we are very sarcastic, funny gals. So we need a comedy play. ANYWHO, we're staying in a hotel in manhattan. Hopefully my mom can visit too! Its just a train ride from Danbury to Manhattan.

What I REALLY want is to take every single cab in New York and find the CASH CAB! wouldnt that be awesome? Anywho, im gunna get my shiz together and head over to ashleys hizzouse. We are determined to do something today. Even if starkville closes on sunday
-_- seriously, it does.

Have a great weekend yall!
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
26 September 2007 @ 12:10 am
Okay. Here's my rant for the day. It will be a mildly short rant.

Men are dirty, disgusting animals. They want what they want and will go to any amount or length to get it, even if it means hurting someone close to them. When they're satisfied they move onto the next "want", and so on and so on. They have double standards for women, are only intrigued by sex appeal and the ease of getting it, and will easily trade up if a new offer comes around. They are materialistic, superficial, and live in their own fantasy world where topless women (DD, no smaller) roll around in the occasional mud-filled hole where they commence in sexual acts with eachother purely for male amusement, nothing else. Where women wait on them hand and foot carrying mugs filled with frosty beer in one hand and meat (cooked or uncooked) in the other. My point is, ladies, that while they live in their world of hippocrisy fantasy and lust we are in the real world. Let them have their fun at the strip club or bar. Let them idolize their magazines. Let them get lost in their world of breasts without faces or names.

Because ultimately, one day they'll wake up, 50 years old, with a hangover and no cash wondering why their fucking cocks wont even stand at half staff anymore. And where will we be ladies of the night? of the magazines? or even ladies of marriage?

Well, hell, men aren't the only ones who'd trade up for a newer model. Out with the OLD in with the young hot and clueless! ;). Thats right. We've got the goods -- they're willing to pay for it, and that is man's greatest downfall. That is why women are superior.
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
24 September 2007 @ 11:59 am
I dunno what it is about today, but I woke up in such a great mood. I worked on my application yesterday. It turns out that they reboot the server for 15 minutes at the top of every hour. So for 15 long minutes my neighboors must have hears "AHHHHH!!!". Luckily I had saved just before it crashed. But I was so misinformed! They should put a big banner on the screen saying YO' BLONDE! SAVE UR SHIT! Then I'd listen.

Anywho, today ashley and I are going to see 3:10 to Yuma. I just want to see Christian Bale... or actually more like hear him because hes not that attractive. Yet *sigh* hes the voice of Howl, in Miyazaki's film Howl's Moving Castle.

Well its going to be a short post today because I've got application and cleaning to do. Ciao.

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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
23 September 2007 @ 11:37 am
So today I am going to finish the harrowing vet school application. Dr. Smith gave me his reccommendation, along with Dr. Paul's from florida, and Mrs. Miller's from high school I have all three reccommendations that I need. Now I just have to make up some BS essay answers so that they'll call me back for an interview.

Na, just kidding. I really put alot of thought into these answers. Like for instance, I've been in college for 2 years and am applying right now. I really only expect an interview. They only accept 5 Junior appliers, and 2 of them are oos (out of state). So my chances are slim, but they can call back any amount of people for the interview. This is where I hope to make my impression so that they remember my name. Well, barbara coats (the go-to gal for vet school admission) already knows me by my weird last name. So, atleast she remembers me. So back to what I was saying. A Junior applier, IF admitted to vet school, has the choice of either A) deferring a year and completing her batchelors degree or B) going straight into vet school for the PhD. My advisor told me to go ahead and say that you have so much vorocity and drive to get into vet school that ill drop EVERYTHING that i am doing and not defer a year. But thats just not me. Dude, do you know how hard I've worked just to get to this point in my life? (Almost) 3 years of college, 79 credit hours, 2 semesters of inorganic chem, 2 semesters of organic chem, biochem, immunology, micro, cell bio, genetics, and you want me to drop the one thing that all that crap been building towards??? Don't get me wrong my ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian and then specialize in optometry as most of you know. But I'm sorry, eventhough my education was mainly free, I paid for it through blood sweat and tears studying for insane tests and going to class every single day wishing a bomb would just fall on me. I cant give up on my batchelors there folks, sorries.

So that is what I explained to them, in a more eloquent way of course, in my first essay. And now I have 5 more to go. Weee! In between applying im going to watch princess mononoke and house of flying daggars. Just to take my mind off of the stress. Here I come Vet school. Sharpen those scalpels. I'ma commin to cut!

Enjoy the weekend ya'll.
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
22 September 2007 @ 09:35 pm
I know that i've said this before, and have gone back on my word...

BUT THIS time...
well it probably won't be any different ^_^ .

Evenso, I'm going to try and bring my blog back up again. Hopefully posting every other day or so.

I just love living near the cotton district during Bulldog bash. I get to hear every band play, watch every drunk person hurl, and smell every lit person's grass. Mmm smells like college. This year I went for the f00ds, because there wasn't really any interesting bands playing. I got home about an hour ago because i'm too afraid to drink without my wing-girl.

Linda always used to be there to ask me a thousand times if need by if I was "ok", she used to carry me home when I was too drunk to see the ground, and she was always there the next morning to tell me exactly what happened and how bad we both behaved. But, without my wing girl I'm safety conscious. Suddenly some random guy across the room potentially becomes the person i wake up next to in the morning... or something like that. Its never happened before, but that was because Linda was always there to take me home.

Obviously the way to correct this problem would be to not drink when I am out with people. Trust me, its harder than it sounds. An alcoholic? Na. Not when people aren't around. But ive got to say I have that tendency when im around fun-people-and booze. Its the intoxicating atmosphere.

And it would be great if I was to drink to get buzzed, but na. I like to push my limits, I drink to get hammered. I drink to get black out drunk. Admittedly this is stupid and dangerous. But in the morning no matter how badly I feel, or how much shame I posess, its always matched with the equal amount of adrenaline rush. What did I do last night? How hard did I party? What songs did I rock out to? Ah, fuck it. One of these days i'll learn my lesson. But for now im much too chicken to go out with out my gal.

I guess all I am trying to say is, I miss you Linda.

-Now im off to watch Howl's moving castle for the umpteenth time. No one can freaking match the G0dlyness of that mans hair.
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
31 March 2007 @ 06:50 pm
Since im getting purposely molested and attacked on facebook, I figured I'd do my own.

Why ***** is the WORST homo ever:

1. His gag reflex is off the charts!
2. Bleeds from his ass even without anal sex.
3. He has to finish the job himself. Aw.
4. He takes too many mood pills to even hold a somewhat stable relationship.

Hey, I can understand the depression. I mean sex is a big part of the human life cycle. If I had this many probs I'd probably try to cut myself too! Just remember tho, always cut horizontally -- vertically might release the endorphins but it wont get you what you REALLY want. ^_^

Oh, by the way bitch

WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
15 February 2007 @ 08:10 pm
I love Frank because...
and he got me the season for v-day ^_^.

mata yo ga akereba owakare
yume wa tooki maboroshi ni
anata wo oikakete ita hikari no naka de
dakareru tabi atatakai kaze wo tayori

haru wo tsuge odoridasu sansai ("sunshine")
natsu wo miru uji nohara karakusa kawaku wa
aki o tsuki nobotta manmarusa oiwai
fuyu wo sugi mata tsukihi o kazoeru

mada mabuta no oku ni aru itsuka no natsu tooisugita aozora
te wo tsunagu hanatsukamiutau itsu ya omoide
ima yobisamasu kioku no naka de
iza arukidasu anata no moto e

Haru wo tsuge odotte sanba
natsu wo miru uji nohara karakusa kawakuwa
aki o tsuki nobotta manmarusa oiwai
fuyu wo sugi mata tsukihi o kazoeru

mata yo ga akereba owakare
yume wa tooki maboroshi ni
anata wo oikakete ita hikari no naka de

OH he also got me reallllly bootieful pink saphire/white gold earings which prolly took all his eating money for a few months. *thwacks frank good*

Take care all, im packing for CO.
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
14 February 2007 @ 04:41 pm
I'm reviving my livejournal just because I've been slacking off and I wanna do productive things! As for my first order of business, im going to leave you all and go to class. -_-. Meh

<3 most of you... NAH just kidding
<3 you all,

ps. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! suck it up people, its just a day.
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WHAT is the meaning of Angelloom?
24 December 2006 @ 04:21 pm
Haha yay. So I gota hot pink ipod nano for christmas. Looks like im going to be joining all you mac freaks. pfft, I still really dont like that bill gates dude.

But deng he can make a good music player ^_^. Go bill.

Kay, well I hope everyones having a great christmas, because lets be honest isnt it reallllly the only holiday that counts? ;).

Take care
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